The first stage of the design process was to understand the brief requirements and the brand itself. Considering it was an established brand, they had information on their target audience and previous campaigns with their strengths and weaknesses.

Information Provided by Stance:

· Our target market is 18-34 males who are creatively conscious consumers and care about the expression of their style.
· Socks are relatively easy to show off. Underwear isn’t. It’s certainly not a topic that is widely discussed down at the pub.
· The comfort of underwear is super important. Great underwear is game changing. However, you only find this out once you have tried a pair on.
· We have a pocket for your bits called the wholester.
· Design is subtle and subjective to you.
The Benefits of Stance Underwear

· The instant fit. We find that the feeling you get when you pull on a stance product is instant. This is identical with our new underwear.
· We have a technology in our underwear. ButterBlend. Butterblend is our own fabric technology. It’s our signature fabric that delivers the ultimate in softness. Butter Blend is a proprietary blend of sustainably sourced seaweed yarns and Pima Cotton.
· We look after you ‘package’ with an internal housing. This is called the Wholester™. It holds everything in place and supports them throughout the day. No rearranging necessary.
· We have a really wide range of styles from classic block colours to artist series and collaboration collections.

Creative Requirements:
There is a lot to say about our underwear. The key factors to focus on are:

· Butterblend - The ultimate in softness.
· Wholester - The Wholester™ Internal Pouch supports your boys in ultra-breathable comfort.
· Product Design – Self-expression. Something for every player. From classics to collaborations.
Stance was built on the celebration of self-expression, creativity and freedom. Please take the same approach to your execution of the brief.
Initial Ideas
Below are a series of findings from research on Stance and some concepts for the mediums of choice. Stance is strictly paper free. Meaning more emphasis was to be placed on a digital campaign that will be strong and consistent with Stance's aesthetic. They only use instagram and their website so it was imperative that all imagery was to be vibrant and conceptual, so it will attract new customers and be welcoming to existing customers also.
Instagram concept sketches (1/2)
Instagram concept sketches (1/2)
Mindmap of Stance
Mindmap of Stance
Instagram concept sketches (2/2)
Instagram concept sketches (2/2)
Findings and facts
Findings and facts
The Concept: 'For the Performers'
The chosen concept was to have a display box / hall of fame approach. This was to reflect the freedom and confidence self expression brings, especially when you put on the new boxers from stance. Regardless of who you are or how you feel about yourself, you will definitely feel like the star of the show with these on, almost like some sort of hero. 
The concept would be very reliant on animations and vibrant posters, in which the boxers will be floating over the plinths / display boxes and have spotlights shining over them with backing audio. 
Considering the campaign is primarily aimed at instagram, we had to consider animated stories and carousel posts included too, giving both new and existing audiences to get a better insight of the new products and their benefits.
 To keep in line with the current aesthetic, we decided to use vibrant colours and bold themes with each boxer, this is to give a unique feel per post, just like stance always have. The plinths are also a consistent part of Stance's previous sock posts, hence why we decided to revisit something that will not only be easily recognisable from Stance, but also fit in well on their feed. 

Another important part of the campaign are the messages and language with each post.
The key quotes we came up with were:
· Butterblend - "o so smooth" , "Being soft isn't so bad now is it?" , "Now with butterblend"
· Wholester - "Look after ya package", "More pack for ya punch" , "No more fidgeting! now with wholester"
· Product Design – Self-expression:  "For the performers" , "Something for every player" 
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