Zadzworld set out to highlight the solid values of the brand and reintroduce them through quality branding collateral. This was a success in repositioning Okelani Beauty as a high end brand and they went on to relaunch happy with the results. follow the work process below!
There were a list of notable issues with the existing branding. Extensive research was conducted and the logo was created by combining a mixture of key elements: An icon inspired by the blue orchid flower, appropriate type and developed imagery that was simplified in to the 'O' of the logotype.
Next, we determined the most clean and appropriate fonts and colour palettes including their possible combinations
We understand how much visual elements are an integral part of identity. Which is why the next stage was to refer back to the cultural influences of the brand itself, this would result in a modern adaptation of the 'freedom' Adinkra symbol and a butterfly. A second illustration was also made, which was a vintage style orchid fig.
We then explored different packaging concepts and finishings for the branding collaterals that would not only look good but be functional and reflect the brand in the best way possible.
 3 ideas were presented and we carefully selected the strongest features of each one to construct a solid concept. We concluded that we wanted the deliverables to be clean and not overwhelming, but bold enough to give a premium feel including the artwork. 
This final concept was then refined through rounds of feedback and revision, ready for launch.

Business Cards

Oil bottle labelling

Oil bottle boxes

Delivery Box


Labels for accessories

Shea butter packaging
Shea butter packaging
Sticker label (1/2)
Sticker label (1/2)
Sticker label (2/2)
Sticker label (2/2)

Compliment Slips

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