'I don't know where to begin'
Contact us! we'll be sure to answer any question you have and point you in the right direction
"How long does it take'
Most smaller projects take 1-2 weeks on average, often less. However, bigger projects may require more time. You will be notified before any work begins and updated as progress is made.
"Can i just after?"
We require a 50% non-refundable deposit upfront (or full payment if below £60)
"Can i change my design if i don't like it?"
Absolutely! during the initial concept stage we provide detailed updates for you to review and you can make any tweaks as you see fit. 
Although you have up to 3 rounds of revision before completion. Further changes after completion may incur extra cost.
"Do i get the source / master files too?"
You will be given the final artwork / deliverables with the usual extensions (PDF, JPEG, PNG, EPS, SVG). However, if you require the source files too they can be added to the deliverables at an extra fee (up to 50% of project cost) Just ask!
"Could you get it done sooner?"
Good work takes time. We always discuss provisional deadlines beforehand however, if you are in a bit of a hurry we could speed things up for you with a rush fee (typically 35% of project cost)
"Are your prices negotiable?"
Unfortunately not, we understand our pricing may not be suited for all budgets. We are open to hear any queries on bigger projects though.
"Who owns the copyright to the work?"
Copyrights are handed over to the client once payments have been made in full. Zadzworld however retains authorship rights and the right to display works in portfolio
"Do you cover printing?"
Ah not yet sorry. We cover all digital aspects of the design process and will point you to printers we recommend!
"How do i go about making a payment?"
We accept payments via Paypal or Electronic transfer
"How do i keep track on the progress of work?"
We provide weekly updates with detailed PDF's on key changes in the project. Smaller projects get updates every 3 days. 
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